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Speed up your Laravel Dusk tests

Here at Pterodactyl we use Laravel Dusk to perform automated browser testing of the application in development. Dusk provides a fluent interface for interacting with Facebook's PHP Webdriver implementation, and allows us to quickly generate tests. Dusk also ships with the ability to hot-swap environments allowing us to run tests against a testing database rather than obliterating the development database (not that it hasn't happened before). This is done by adding the DatabaseMigrations trait to the base Dusk class. When this is done each test that

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Introducing Persistent Settings: a new Pterodactyl Feature

In previous versions of Pterodactyl you had very few configuration options available in the Admin CP. For the most part this was done because I was moving quickly to implement other features and abused Laravel's excellent configuration system to keep track of things. There were many instances were users had to ask around to figure out what environment variable they needed to change in order to toggle a feature on or off. No more though! Pterodactyl@0.7 introduces a much improved Admin UI that allows

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